Highway H2O offers shippers direct access to the commercial, industrial and agricultural heartland of North America. We are a reliable and cost-competitive gateway, driving sustainable infrastructure advancement, while connecting you to your market.


  • Direct access to the industrial hub of North America, getting you closer to your final destination; saving you time and money
  • Intermodal facilities and modernized infrastructure connect the ports to major North American markets; lending ease and efficiency


  • Major ports are within an 8 hour drive to a market of 150 million people
  • Shipping direct via the Great Lakes eliminates traffic flow congestion
  • Over 40 international and regional ports provide connection to major markets


  • Ship a variety of cargo including: grain, iron ore, steel, aggregates, liquid bulk and project cargo
  • Trust in our experienced stakeholders and members
  • Flexible storage and staging of cargo with ample lay down area
  • Great Lakes/Seaway marine shipping saves cargo shippers $3.6 billion in transportation costs every year. Find your savings

Reliability & Capacity

  • Our System provides more than 98% availability and reliability; available capacity allows your cargo to arrive on time
  • Modern facilities and innovative technologies complement our safe, efficient and reliable service record


  • Marine transportation offers the best fuel economy
  • System wide infrastructure investments, including Hands-Free Mooring
  • Resource Savings: A single Seaway-sized laker can carry about 30,000 tonnes of cargo. An equivalent amount of cargo on land would require a fleet of 963 large trucks or 301 rail cars

Hwy H2O Brochures and Printable Information