Highway H2O is a 3,700 kilometre marine highway that offers shippers direct access to the commercial, industrial and agricultural heartland of North America.

Highway H2O is strategically positioned, with access to:
  • A market of over 150 million people

  • A vast network of over 40 ports with key intermodal connections

  • Incentive programs for new & existing cargo
The Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway System is serviced by a variety of international and domestic vessels that contribute to the efficiency of the System. These include multi-purpose ocean vessels, tug and barge units, and a specialized lake fleet, of which many ships are equipped with self-unloading devices.

A wide range of cargoes moves on Highway H2O including: grain, iron ore, pig iron, coal aggregates chemicals, semi-finished steel, heavy lift and project cargo. Short sea shipping is gaining momentum and Highway H2O delivers new supply chain solutions.

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Highway H2O is an alliance of transportation stakeholders in the Great Lakes / Seaway System region, working to develop business and deliver greater awareness about the System locally and internationally. Working with its members and partners in a stewardship capacity, Highway H2O leverages its collective knowledge about the System to offer innovative services and incentive programs to ensure the System remains a competitive gateway into the future.